Tagging means describing the content of a music video with relevant keywords.

  1. On this site you can search through music videos which have been embedded from YouTube.

  2. You can add a new music video or tag without registration.

  3. To tag please select or type a name of the tag and specify the start & stop time.

    • Tags are divided into 3 groups/colors.
    • Red when you want to add tag without specifying a time or it's hard to specify - like lyric video.
    • Orange when you add a scene with precise time for selected tag, but you know that there are more scenes for this tag.
    • Green when you sure that all scenes for selected tag have been added.

  4. You can follow a tag and get notifications every time someone adds it to a new music video. To do so, you need to be registered user. Then choose a tag and click subscribe.

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  6. It's still very early experimental version of site. Not everything works ;)